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Gas Grills

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Napoleon Grills

Napoleon Gas BBQs have everything you need to have a full outdoor kitchen experience. And it's contained in one unit. Napoleon Gas units are a work of art.

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Napoleon grill in action
Napoleon grill in action
Napoleon grill in action

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Wilmington Grills

We are an authorized dealer for Wilmington Grill. The Cape Fear line of gas and charcoal grills are built for a lifetime of high-quality grilling performance.

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Fire Disc Cookers

The Premium Portable Propane Cooker

At FireDisc Cookers, we are taking outdoor cooking to the next level. Our revolutionary new outdoor plow disc cooker is the durable, lightweight, hassle-free propane grill that is sure to be the highlight of your next outdoor adventure. Stop endlessly waiting around a massive charcoal grill to get to the right temperature to cook your meal.

Phone: 704-982-2173

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