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You can pre-pay for your delivery at our office or by phone.

Our drivers will also accept cash or check at the time of delivery.


For customers who want us to handle their payments for them, we have an authorization form which allows us to debit your checking account or charge your credit card after each delivery. A receipt can be emailed to you after each charge.

On-line Bill Pay:

Many of our customers set us up in their bank’s online Bill Pay system.

Budget Payment Plan: Never worry about high winter fuel bills again. Our Budget Payment Plan allows customers to pay the same amount each month. Your payment is calculated by estimating your annual fuel usage based on the previous year. The BPP program runs for one year with 11 equal monthly payments starting in June and ending in April. The 12th month (May) is the settlement month. If you have a balance, you will receive a statement at your billing address reflecting the remaining amount due. If you have paid more than your total deliveries we will credit your account for the amount that has been overpaid. If monthly payments are received on time, no finance charges will be assessed to customers on this plan.

Will Call

Call in deliveries are only made at your request. You are responsible for monitoring fuel levels and ordering fuel three business days before depleting your fuel supply. This allows your delivery to be scheduled when delivery drivers are in your area. Same day deliveries can incur a special service charge. After hours deliveries will be charged a $50 delivery charge.

Credit Policy

With approved credit, payments are due within 30 days of delivery. Balances are considered past due 31 days after the delivery date and will accrue pro-rata finance charges at a rate of 18% APR. We reserve the right to deny or discontinue credit for poor payment history or based upon information provided from an outside source.


Phone: 704-982-2173

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